An upcoming fundraising event next will benefit Central Montana Emergency Services. Frank Carr and Mike Lanphire with the Central Montana Taverns Association have more on this annual fundraiser.

The Denton community is asking for your help with their fundraiser for Wade Wickens. Wade, the son of Eric and Emma Wickens, is a youngster recovering from serious surgery.  According to Crystal Schultz:

The Council on Aging (COA) is looking forward to Friday, May 5 and their fundraiser, Hat’s and Horses.  Director Stacie Auck describes it as an evening of fun, horse racing, Southern food, and good company.

Adults and students from Lewistown have plans for this summer including a week in Haiti. Lance McMann, First Baptist church associate pastor, told his KXLO Live audience:

Montana Legislature passes bill to comply with Real ID

HELENA, Mont. (AP) -- Montana residents may not need to use passports to board domestic flights next year, after all....

Company found in violation on Montana wastewater project

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) -- State environmental officials have cited a construction company working on a wastewater improvement project in southwestern Montana for dirtying the Gallatin River beyond what its permit allowed....

This past weekend was a busy start for individuals involved in the Special Olympics, and their sponsors.

Saturday was the Olympic horse riding event, and coming on May 5 will be the fundraising torch run.

Early spring is the time to prepare for city construction activities.

City Manager Holly Phelps reviews what’s in store for Lewistown.

The new Lewistown City swimming pool will see its second summer of use starting mid-June.  A work crew is already in town maintaining the facility for another busy season.

City Manager Holly Phelps has more information on the city pool, and on the equipment needed to measure Big Spring Creek’s flow.  

The City Commission discussed the Arts and Entertainment District’s banner program at its meeting last week.

Feedback shows there’s a lot of interest in the project, and the Commission feels some of the management and records keeping can easily be handled by the city.  According to City Manager Holly Phelps:

HELENA, Mont. – Each year, more than $5 million is awarded to Montana towns for community development projects that improve infrastructure, access to affordable housing, and increase training and job opportunities. The Montana Department of Commerce is recognizing National Community Development Week, April 17-22, by celebrating the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program.


East Parrot Creek Road (Roundup Area)    A bridge project over the Musselshell River is in progress on this county road; beginning 7 miles northeast of Roundup (where Parrot Creek Road meets US 12) and continuing on the county road to 0.5 miles from US 87 south of Roundup. Travelers will continue to be detoured until the bridge deck is cured and the new alignment is complete.  Travelers should expect single lanes during work hours for grading operations, a detour, loose gravel, reduced speeds, and a gravel surface.  (Reported only locally)  *PM James Stevenson 657-0242

The Lewistown Public Library has an interesting evening event planned for mid-May.  Director KellyAnne Terry says it will be an enjoyable author dinner and silent auction.  

HELENA – Montana Attorney General Tim Fox announced at a press conference Wednesday “Aid Montana: Addressing the Impact of Drugs,” an initiative led by his office to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for addressing substance abuse in Montana.

Speaking on the steps of the State Capitol, Fox said, “Aid Montana will be a comprehensive approach to addressing Montana’s substance abuse problem. While law enforcement will certainly be one method of addressing substance abuse in Montana, it certainly isn’t the only approach. Treatment, education and coordination efforts are critical if we are to get ahead of this problem, and will be central components to our strategy.”

Farm and ranch-land pest control will be covered with two guests invited to help present an MSU Extension service workshop.  Darren Crawford announced this morning on our KXLO-Live interview program:

An all-day ServSafe Manager Class is scheduled to be held at the Central Montana Education Center in Lewistown, on Monday, May 15, beginning at 8:00 and ending around 4:00.  The Manager exam will follow.

School maintenance projects were discussed at Monday night’s school board meeting.  Randy Barber, Maintenance Director, has this review about buildings that will get the needed improvements this summer.

Central Montana is fortunate to have area residents interested in keeping Lewistown in prime shape. Their interest usually goes much further with special days and activities.  

Two of these residents are Jennifer Saunders and Kris Descheemaeker.  Here is what they have in store for the next couple of months.

More than 24 million adults with arthritis have activity limitations from their disease. Arthritis limits everyday activities such as holding a cup, lifting a grocery bag, or walking to their car, according to a new CDC Vital Signs report.  

Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) officials say that more than 1 in 4 adult Montanans report having arthritis.

(BILLINGS, Mont.) – Those of us who live in Northern Rockies and Northern Plains have a unique connection with the land. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is looking for people who want to turn that interest into action on behalf of their community and the nation.

The BLM is accepting nominations for open positions on its Resource Advisory Boards (RACs). These dedicated volunteers get a front-row seat in land management decisions. RACs are the sounding boards for BLM initiatives, regulatory proposals, and policy changes. Members discuss and vote on recommendations related to public land management and provide those recommendations to the BLM.

School officials are still waiting on the legislature to finalize its budgeting numbers.  Lewistown Public Schools Business Manager Rebekah Rhoades updated her KXLO-Live audience on the upcoming school election next month and what’s still to be settled in Helena.

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April is National Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Awareness Month, and the Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) and local public health agencies are raising awareness about those who may be at risk.

Judy Nielsen of the DPHHS STD-HIV Prevention Section said there are several steps people can take to prevent STDs. “It is important for Montanans to know that STDs are preventable and treatable,” Nielsen said. "The first step is becoming getting informed, then taking steps to protect yourself. If you are sexually active, talk to your health care provider about the need for testing. If you are at risk, regular screening is essential in preventing transmission and long term health consequences associated with STDs.”

If the weather in June turns dry and balmy in certain New England markets, select radio stations might be triggered to run ads from O’Reilly Auto Parts promoting its batteries for garden equipment. And if the weather suddenly turns stormy, stations might switch to O’Reilly ads featuring deals on car brakes and windshield wipers.

While that scenario is entirely hypothetical, similar weather-triggered promotions are very much in the beginning stages at Carat, the media buying and planning agency that works on behalf of O’Reilly and a slew of other high-profile advertisers.

Carat is now testing out weather-trigger campaigns for retail clients using the Weather Alpha service as well as iHeartMedia’s SoundPoint automated advertising platform, according to Jennifer Hungerbuhler, Denstu Aegis Network’s executive VP and managing director of local video and audio investment, who oversees big radio ad deals for Dentsu’s Carat unit.

The Lewistown City Commission appreciates the many community services that are performed by unrecognized citizens.