East Parrot Creek Road (Roundup Area)    A bridge project over the Musselshell River is in progress on this county road; beginning 7 miles northeast of Roundup (where Parrot Creek Road meets US 12) and continuing on the county road to 0.5 miles from US 87 south of Roundup. Travelers will continue to be detoured until the bridge deck is cured and the new alignment is complete.  Travelers should expect single lanes during work hours for grading operations, a detour, loose gravel, reduced speeds, and a gravel surface.  (Reported only locally)  *PM James Stevenson 657-0242

C- 238 Sec 238) Lewistown Southeast (mile post 0.4 to 7.2) On Upper Spring Creek Road southeast of Lewistown, contractor will begin work May 1, 2017.   Travelers should expect a width restriction of 13 feet, delays, fresh oil, loose gravel, reduced speeds, pilot cars, gravel surface, rough roadway surface, single lanes, grooved surfaces, intersection work, and flaggers.  Motorcycles should consider an alternate route.  *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322.

C-61 (US 191) – Slides 4 miles south of Missouri River (mile post 84 to 90) from approximately 4 miles south of the Fred Robinson Bridge over the Missouri River to 2 miles north of the bridge - slides are continuing to cause heaving and a rough road way in this area. MDT Maintenance crews continue to monitor and patch the area as possible. Signs are in place to warn travelers to expect reduced speeds of 45 mph, rough break, and possible delays until further notice.   *PM Ken Hamblen 538-1302 Incident #2717  

C-57 (US 87/ US 191/ MT 200) – Lewistown West Overpass (mile post 79 to 81.1) from approximately 2 miles west of Lewistown – travelers should expect a width restriction of 14 feet, delays, reduced speeds, single lanes, intersection work, and flaggers.  *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322

C-57 (US 87/ US 191/ MT 200) Lewistown City Loop Walking Paths C (mile post 80 to 82.5) Abandoned Railroad Rehab of the walking paths in downtown Lewistown has begun.  Travelers should expect a width restriction of 14 feet, single lanes and intersection work.  *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322

C-57 (US 191/ US 87/ MT 200) – Lewistown Downtown Sidewalks-B (milepost 81.5 to 82.8) from the intersection of 1st Avenue & Main Street continuing east travelers should expect 14-foot width restriction, loose gravel, and intersection work.  *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322


Rumble Strip Safety Project - various locations in central Montana (MDT Lewistown Division Area). Centerline rumble strip work is in winter shut down.  This project will eventually cover roadways in Judith Basin, Fergus, Petroleum, Musselshell, Golden Valley and Wheatland counties.  Project will be INACTIVE until spring of 2017 for permanent epoxy striping of these roadways.  *PM Jeff Dyekman 657-0246

C-57 (US 87/ US 191 /MT 200) Lewistown West Sidewalks (mile post 81.4 to 81.5) From 15th Street to 13th street sidewalk work on this project is INACTIVE. *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322


C-80 (MT 80) Arrow Creek Slide – 18 miles north of Stanford (mile post 43.1 to 48.7) beginning approximately 18 miles north of Stanford continuing north 5 more miles – project is COMPLETE.  *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322

C-80 (MT 80) Downtown Stanford (mile marker 66.5 to 67.1) from the By Way Café to the corner into Stanford project is now INACTIVE with no restrictions. *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322

C-63 (US 191) Harlowton Seven Miles North (mile post 0 to 7.0)   from the junction of MT 3 & US 191 going north seven miles – Project is COMPLETE.  *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322

C-57 (US 87 / MT 200) – Pedestrian Safety ADA Corners Lewistown Main Street (mile post 82) from 1st Ave to 5th Ave in downtown Lewistown is COMPLETED.  *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322

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