HELENA, MT- Secretary of State Corey Stapleton approved the petition for signature gathering for Initiative 184 (I-184) on Tuesday, October 31, 2017. The total number of verified signatures required in order for I-184 to be placed on the ballot is 25,468. The deadline for signature gatherers to turn in the signed petitions to county election offices is June 22, 2018.

According to the statement of purpose and implication prepared by the Attorney General for I-184, “I-184 revises energy and taxation laws. It requires investor-owned electric utilities to increase procurement of renewable sources like wind and solar, gradually equaling an 80% renewable energy requirement by 2050. Pre-2005 hydroelectric generation may only be counted if total renewable generation is 80%. Rate increases beyond 2% annually for costs caused by the mandates are prohibited. I-184 requires cooperative utilities to allow members to vote whether to voluntarily adopt initiative standards. To address reduction in coal-related mining, electric generation, and rail traffic, I-184 funds worker retraining and pension safety nets, and levies replacement taxes on each kilowatt hour of electricity produced to offset coal severance tax and royalty revenue reductions. I- 184 allows governments, churches, and nonprofits to participate in 250-kilowatt net metering systems, permits aggregate net metering, and the creation of neighborhood renewable energy facilities.”

According to the fiscal statement prepared by the Attorney General for I-183, “I-184 establishes two new taxes on each kilowatt of electricity produced in Montana, increasing 2019-2023 general fund revenues a total of $1.48 million to supplant declining coal severance tax revenues, and raising $20 million by 2023 for worker retraining. The volume of displaced workers who will seek assistance is unknown.”

Ballot issue information is updated regularly on the Office of the Secretary of State’s website at http://sos.mt.gov/elections/ballot_issues/2018.


Laura Nelson  |  Communications & Marketing Director

Secretary of State's Office, Corey Stapleton


#1 Russ Doty 2017-11-05 22:00
You can learn more about I-184 and how to help gather signatures to put it on the ballot at www.mtcares.org

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