The Montana Department of Transportation is seeking comments on a proposal to seal and cover about 12 miles of Secondary Highway 236 south of Winifred in Fergus County. The project begins at Andrews Road and extends north ending at Winifred.

Proposed work includes sealing existing cracks and applying a seal and cover. The project will also receive upgraded pavement markings, signage and guardrail. The purpose of the project is to preserve and extend the life of the existing asphalt surfacing to provide a safe roadway for the traveling public.

This project is tentatively scheduled for construction in 2018, depending on completion of all project development activities and availability of funding. No new right-of-way or utility relocations will be needed.

Members of the public may submit written comments to the Montana Department of Transportation Billings office at P.O. Box 20437, Billings, or online .



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