The 73rd Montana Winter Fair was a huge success, with fantastic participation from across the Central Montana community and far beyond.  We saw great turnout and engagement for all 25+ events this year – from the new educational presentations and events, to the traditional events everybody knows and loves.  Here is a recap of many of the results from the fair that was held in various Lewistown locations from January 24th through the 28th.  


Friday Night Concert: The Cold Hard Cash Show

The show was a complete sellout, with all 300 seats filled during a fantastic concert, with many people sticking around to hear more live music at the Eagles after the show.


Stick Horse Rodeo

50 kids participated in this year’s stick horse rodeo, plus an additional 50 spectators who helped cheer on the young cowboys and cowgirls.  All participating children left with ribbons and prizes.


Ranch Sorting Clinic and Competition

The ranch sorting clinic on Friday, Jan. 26, had double-digit attendees on horseback, learning how to improve their sorting skills.  The ranch sorting competition on Saturday had a great turnout as well.  The youth class had a 3-way tie for the total number of cattle sorted.  Placing was determined by the fastest times for sorting the cows.  Winners received cash plus locally purchased prizes.

  1. Landon Burleigh – Custom set of Tate Hook spurs
  2. Gracie Anderson – Custom headstall from Big Dry Saddlery
  3. Chance Pierce – Leather reins from Charbonneau Custom Leather
  4. Sage Henderson – Made in MT rope halter
  5. Hayden Henderson – Horseshoe photo frame
  6. Taten Erickson – Horse treats

Taten Erickson (13 years old) was riding his 3-year-old gelding that is his 4H Colt to Maturity Project horse.  In this project, the 4H participant takes a yearling and trains it themselves.  From the looks of Taten’s colt, he is doing a fantastic job!


Adult ranch sorting winners were:

  1. Jeremy Pierce – Custom Tater Hook spurs
  2. Jeremy Pierce
  3. Ross Salsbery
  4. Connie Schaad
  5. Ed Chevallier


Cinnamon Roll and Chili Competitions

With 12 chili and 14 cinnamon roll entries, we were able to serve approx. 130 guests in the chili and cinnamon roll feed after judging.

  • Chili Results
    • 1st Larry Kalina-blue ribbon, apron & $50
    • 2nd Lana Papp-red ribbon, apron & $40
    • 3rd Mike Mullins-white ribbon, apron & $30
  •  Cinnamon Roll Results
    • Adult 1st Emily & Logan Standley-blue ribbon, apron, #5 bag of Wheat Montana flour & $50
    • Adult 2nd Carol Crowder-red ribbon, apron & $40
    • Adult 3rd Vicki Minzel-white ribbon, apron & $30                   
    • Youth 1st Carter Ricks- blue ribbon, apron, #5 bag of Wheat Montana flour & $50
    • Youth 2nd Anna Welsh- red ribbon, apron & $40
    • Youth 3rd place was a tie between brothers Tram & Talmage Brookes- white ribbons and $30 each.

Quick Bread contest

11 entries were submitted (9 adult and 2 youth), and many people enjoyed purchasing the goodies after the event.  Thank you to Debbie Moore from Angel Pie Bakery for judging.

  • Youth overall winner – Emma Farley’s Banana Bread won $50
  • Adult overall winner was a tie
    • Mary Miller’s Orange Poppy Seed Cake with Pineapple Glaze won $25
    • Jerry Carpenter’s Cranberry Orange Biscotti won $25


Dutch Oven Cook-off

With a bunch of people getting to sample the delicious results, the dutch oven cook-off was another success.

  • Main dish
    • 1st place - Pam and Ron Bruruds with the Honey Orange Turkey
    • 2nd place - Ed and Sandy Hanson with Mudbugs and Rice
  • Side dish
    • 1st place - Tavius Seaford and Carson Nelson with Campfire Potatoes
  • Desserts
    • 1st place - Ed and Sandy Hanson with Pinnaple upside down cake
    • 2nd place - Tavius Seaford and Carson Nelson with Banana Split Cobbler
  • People’s Choice Award--Tavius Seaford and Carson Nelson with Banana Split Cobbler


Farm Forum: Quickbooks Basics and Advocating for Ag

40 attendees learned about managing their books and promoting agriculture – plus enjoyed lunch, all at no charge.


Fergus County Fire Council presentation: Fighting Fire with Your Neighbors

46 people attended the course, and it was well perceived by all.


Range Management Seminar

About 15 people learned more about range management during this great new educational event. 


Recreations and Repurpose Show

450 people enjoyed the show, many taking home their own beautiful, creative pieces  


Ghost Towns & Gold Mines Presentation

Over 80 people enjoyed Jerry Hanley’s captivating presentation about the ghost towns and gold mines of Central Montana.


Youth Beef Show

35 entries were accompanied by over 100 audience members in this year’s youth beef show.

  • Grand Champion Steer: Ross Harwood
  • Reserve Champion Steer: Garrett Bromenshank
  • Grand Champion Heifer: Jonna McCullough
  • Reserve Champion Heifer: Tanner Vanek
  • Grand Champion Senior Showman: Jonna McCullough
  • Reserve Champion Senior Showman: Bentley McCullough
  • Grand Champion Intermediate Showman: Baylee Becker
  • Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman: Lariet Hagenbuch
  • Grand Champion Junior Showman: Tanner Vanek
  • Reserve Champion Junior Showman: Ross Harwood


Pinewood Derby

17 kids participated, with 25 spectators watching the exciting races.

  • Overall
  1. Julene Dean
  2. Kale Dengel
  3. Kyle Fox
  • 5-6 year olds
  1. Kyle Fox
  2. Archer Shirey
  3. Haley Dengel
  • 7-8 year olds
  1. Isis Rosenbach
  2. Kale Dengel
  3. Lucas Warila
  • 9-12 year olds
  1. Julene Dean
  2. Dustin Ploof
  3. Gavin Jones

Polar Plunge

This great event raised a total of $16,808 for Special Olympics, and had approximately 225-250 spectators, plungers, and volunteers at the event. 

  • Top Plunger, single person raising the most money:  Cindy Shinnick from Lewistown raised over $1900.00
  • Top Team, team raising the most money:  Fergus County Sheriff's Department raised over $4200.00
  • Top Athlete, athlete raising the most money:  Carson Patten raised $1388.00
  • Best Dressed Individual, person who had the best 80's costume:  Prince from the Sheriff's Office
  • Best Dressed Team, team who had the best 80's costume:  Blue's Brothers Style (Mike Huber, Tim Martinson, Kim Beaudry)


Ice Queen and Blue Goose Meet-and-Greets

Both were a great success, with the Ice Queen giving 50 free crowns to her adoring followers, and the CMR Blue Goose handing out coloring books to many entertained young fans.


Trade Show

There were 34 vendors, offering a wide variety of ag-related products and services to Trade Show visitors.  We estimate up to 1,500 people went through the Trade Show.  Anybody who stopped by the Trade Center on Saturday knows there was a fantastic turnout - the parking lot was completely full!

Fiddle Contest

Playing to a crowd of 80, starting at 9 am Saturday, January 27, fiddlers from six years old to 81 years of age played three tunes each for judges Shelby Murdock of Blackfoot, Idaho, and Hannah King, of Wilson, Wyoming. The two later rounds had crowds of well over 100 during the second round and even more during the Finals at 7 pm. Results for each age category are as follows:

  • PEEWEE (8and under)
  1. Naiyah Negron, Dillon
  2. Nikolas Elwell, Livingston
  3. Savannah Kostelecky, Townsend
  4. Hadley Shobe, Lewistown
  5. Tessa Johnson, Dillon
  • JR-JR (9-13)
  1. Katie Johnson, Dillon
  2. Rubon Elwell, Livingston
  3. Abby Curtis, Sheridan
  4. Eli Johnson, Dillon
  5. Chloe Goosey, Livingston
  • JUNIOR (14-28)
  1. Cadhla Norris, Conrad
  2. Annejke Thompson, Roundup
  3. Lindsey Curtis, Sheridan
  • ADULT (19 & over)
  1. Isaac Callender, Sand Coulee
  2. Infinity Thomson, Denton
  3. Louise Steinway, Sand Coulee
  4. Fred Buckley, Roundup
  5. Jim McMillan, Bozeman
  6. Orville Grasdock, Fairfield


Fiber Arts

The fiber arts ehxhibit saw 30 entries and great viewership throughout the fair

  • Class 1 larger wearable
    • 1st place—Valerie Covel 
    • 2nd place—Charlotte Carroll
    • 3rd place— Charlotte Carroll
  • Class 2 small wearable
    • 1st place—Valerie Covel
    • 2nd place—Rita Hofer
    • 3rd place—Neysha Humphreys
  • Class 3 large non-wearables 
    • 2nd place — Charlotte Carroll
  • Class 4 Small non-wearables
    • 1st place — Jayne Lund
    • 2nd place —Infinity Thomsone
    • 3rd place — Mary Miller
  • Class 8 Hand spun yarn
    • 1st place — Laura Bennett
  • Best of Show 
    • Jayne Lund—The Traveler (needle felted Rabbit)
  • People’s Choice
    • Jayne Lund — The Traveler (needle felted Rabbit)


Quilt Show

54 beautiful quilt entries were displayed in downtown Lewistown, with many visitors stopping in to view the lovely creations.

  • People’s Choice award: Marie Dorsey, hummingbird quilt
  • Quilters of Central Montana Zoo, Top Five
    • Marie Dorsey, hummingbird quilt
    • Shawna Crawford, Double Wedding Ring
    • Bev Moodie, Feathered Star
    • Valerie Covel, Patchwork Party/Rose Basket
  • Best in Show - Shawna Crawford, Colorific
  • Class 1 - Bed Quilts 60 x 80 or larger
    • Best in Class - Valerie Covel, Patchwork Party/Rose Basket 

lot 2 - Pieced, machine quilted

  1. Cathy Leavitt
  2. Loretta Swanson
  3. Gail Sheridan

lot 3 - Pieced, commercially quilted

  1. Shawna Crawford
  2. Cathy Leavitt
  3. Becky Woltermann

lot 6 - Applique, commercially quilted

  1. Valerie Covel

lot 9 - Any Other

  1. Marie Dorsey
  • Class 2 - Quilts 59 x 79 or smaller
    • Best in Class - Shawna Crawford, Color Chart

lot 2 - Large Hanging, machine quilted

    1. Gerri Campbell
    2. Cathy Leavitt
    3. Cindy Berg

lot 3 - Large Hanging, commercially quilted

  1. Shawna Crawford
  2. Shauna Silberhorn
  3. Shauna Silberorn

lot 6 - Applique, commercially quilted

  1. Bev Moodie

lot 8 - Group Project

  1. Shawna Crawford

lot 9 - Any Other

  1. Shawna Crawford
  • Class 3 - Miscellaneous - wallhangings, table runners, etc.
    • Best in Class - Shawna Crawford, Colorific

lot 2 - Pieced, machine quilted

  1. Roxann Miller
  2. Roxann Miller
  3. Valerie Covel

lot 3 - Pieced, commercially quilted

  1. Shawna Crawfor

lot 5 - Applique, machine quilted

  1. Cheryl Tucek
  2. Cheryl Tucek

lot 4 - Applique, hand quilted

  1. Carol Swanz

lot 6 - Applique, commercially quilted

  1. Shawna Crawford
  2. Valerie Covel
  3. Valerie Covel

lot 8 - Group Project

  1. Sue Kalina / Utica Women’s Club

lot 10 - Any Other

  1. Shawna Crawford
  2. Gerri Campbell
  3. Shawna Crawford
  • Class 6 - Youth (through grade 6)
    • Best in Class - Clara Crawford
    • Best in Class - Kylie Crawford

lot 2 - Pieced, machine quilted

  1. Kylie Crawford

lot 5 - Applique, machine quilted

  1. Clara Crawford

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