The Fergus County Sheriff’s Office received several complaints regarding a phone scam that was occurring in and around Lewistown. The person conducting the scam is calling residence around Lewistown and Fergus County stating that he is a law enforcement officer with the Fergus County Sheriff’s Office. He then proceeded to tell them that there was a warrant for their arrest. The caller would advise them that if they paid the fine the warrant would be taken care of.

The Fergus County Sheriff’s Office would like to advise the residence of Central Montana that we do not call and tell people they have warrants. We DO NOT tell people to send their fine money to the Sheriff’s Office to take care of warrants. If you have a warrant you will most likely receive a letter in the mail from the court issuing the warrant.

The Fergus County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating this current scam. If you receive one of these calls please do not give out any personal information and do not send them any money.

The Fergus County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind folks not to give out your personal or banking information over the phone, or internet. If you receive a call and the information you are being given sounds too good to be true it is probably a scam.

Thank you and stay safe.

Sheriff Troy D. Eades

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