The city of Lewistown and the fire department are asking for your help to clear snow around all fire hydrants.  

The deep snow has created a lot of concerns for emergency services and burying fire hydrants and other utilities throughout the area.

Officials are reminding the public to shovel and to help-out this season.  It’s important, they say, to have hydrants shoveled ready for an emergency.

It becomes a concern when there’s an emergency that requires valuable time for firefighters and emergency personnel to have to clear snow.  

When clearing snow from a hydrant you are urged to clean a 3-foot circumference around hydrants, clearing down to the grass, and a 3-foot-path out to the street.  City officials are urging that utilities be checked including your dryer and gas vents on the side and roof of your home and business.   

Make sure your sidewalks are shoveled so crews can move around safely, along with driveways, and make sure your address is visible from the street side.  

The Lewistown Fire Department is asking for your help in moving and removing dangerous snow away from your home to keep your neighborhood and workplace safe for everybody.  

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