For nearly 5 decades the voice of KXLO RADIO NEWS across the the Big Sky of Central Montana has been Joe Zahler.    Joe has brought Central Montanans the latest in local news with the highest degree of journalism ethics, integrity, honesty, and truthfulness.  A dedicated journalist who had courage, commitment, good judgement, common sense and decency to report the news straight forward with no exaggerations, no personal editorial laced within the news  and always accurate with the facts.

Joe Zahler is my hero, always reliable, dependable; and courageous especially when he  held fast remaining live on the air over KXLO during one of the most frightening events Lewistown has experience , the tornado that ravaged its’ way through  much of Lewistown and the surrounding area. Joe was concerned for all the area residents keeping them informed throughout the entire event. No sir, No tornado was going scare or get  the best of Joe Zahler or his Central Montana listening Audience.

Joe Zahler is an amazing journalist who has been recognized by his broadcasting peers as a Montana Broadcasting Legend.  Joe is a one-of-a-kind newsman, not pushy, not arrogant, not obviousness. Joe always was considerate and caring in making everything he reported over KXLO  reflect actual, factual details of every news story.

Now Joe Zahler has announced his retirement over 5 decades.  KXLO, KQPZ and our Central Montana listening audience will miss that familiar voice reporting the news morning, noon, and evening.  So Central Montana let’s give Joe Zahler a huge THANK YOU for reporting the news that we all depended on and knew it was honest, accurate and  factual. Thank you Joe, have a great well-deserved retirement.

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