The Lewistown Police Department has paired up with the Montana Department of Transportation Lewistown Office to bring you an important message about parking on Main Street in Lewistown:


Over the past couple of years MDT has noticed an increasing number of motorists utilizing Main Street for parking during prohibited times.

This has caused an increased number of MDT vehicle vs. parked vehicle collisions in the area. There is no parking allowed from 1st Ave to 7th Ave from 2 am to 6 am daily. In an effort to work hand in hand with the MDT to keep our Main Street safe, vibrant and beautiful the Police Department is going to make an effort to become more consistent with the parking enforcement on Main Street during the prohibited times.

In the event you find yourself with a yellow envelope on your vehicle , please remember that this is simply just a small reminder of how you can help keep our Main Street safe and looking beautiful all year long.


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