From the Montana Department of Transportation this is the Lewistown area highway construction report from   August 14, 2019 – August 20, 2019    


Traffic fines double in highway work zones.  The law also sets fines and jail sentences for reckless endangerment of highway workers.  Minor delays can be expected through these projects with anything over fifteen minutes being noted in the description.  Watch for equipment, flaggers, workers on the road, and reduced speed limits.  

For additional information dial 511 or access our web page 

*NO changes *New projects / or projects with changes    *weight, height, width restrictions


C-14 (US 12) Two Dot West (mile marker 82.9 to 88) This intersection project begins 5 miles west of the junction of US 12 and the Two Dot highway, ending approximately 0.1 mile east of the junction.   Activities include earthwork, construction detours, and culvert installation. Current restrictions are a width restriction of 12 feet, delays, detour, loose gravel, reduced speeds, pilot cars, gravel surface, rough roadway, single lanes, intersection work, and flaggers.   Motorcycles should consider an alternate route. *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322

C-14&16 (US 12 & US 87) – Roundup Sidewalks Billings District ADA Upgrades Sidewalk work is in progress beginning at 7th Street, continuing through Roundup to 13th Street and scattered locations throughout Roundup on US 87 and US 12.  Travelers should expect single lanes, intersection work and flaggers. *PM Shane Johnson 567-0241  

C-14 (US 12) Rosebud Co Line East (mile marker 206 to 218) beginning 2 miles east of Melstone proceeding 11 miles east reconstruction activities are in progress.  Current restrictions are a width restriction of 16 feet, reduced speeds, gravel surface, and single lanes, traffic controlled by signal lights and pilot cars.  MOTORCYCLES should consider an alternate route. Oversize and Overweight loads must call project manager 24 hours ahead to discuss a date/time for moving through this project.   *PM Jerry Philips 233-3612

C 61 (US 191) Mobridge Slides (mile marker 84 to 86) from 2 miles to 4 miles south of the Missouri River Fred Robinson Bridge extreme slides are causing rough breaks in the highway.  Reconstruction of this roadway is in progress. Current restrictions are a width restriction of 14 feet during daylight working hours, delays, loose gravel, reduced speeds, gravel surface, rough roadway, and single lanes.  Traffic will be controlled by signal lights and pilot cars. Wide loads please call project manager for arrangements to move through this area:  *PM Ken Hamblen 538-1302 or 366-1302.


C-80 (MT-80) Arrow Creek Channel Repair (mile post 46.8 to 48.5) 17 miles north of Stanford from the junction of MT 80 & MT 81 continuing north on MT 81 for two miles project is INACTIVE with no restrictions.  *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322.

C-81 (MT 81) Coffee Creek Chip Seal (mile marker 0.0 to 8.0) from the junction of MT 80 & MT 81 for EIGHT miles east through Coffee Creek this project will be INACTVIE until contractor begins micro surfacing and striping which is scheduled for the last week of August.     *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322

C-426 (Secondary 426) Moccasin Railroad Crossing (mile post 0.0 to 0.5) From the junction of S-426 & US 87, approximately 4.5 miles NE of Hobson project is now INACTIVE.   *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322

C 61 (US 87 & MT 200 Junction) Grass Range North (mile marker 45 – 45.3)  INACTIVE *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322

C-57 (US 87 / MT 200) – Lewistown West Overpass (mile post 79 to 81.1) from approximately 2 miles west of Lewistown continuing west project is INACTIVE.  *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322 



C-236 (Secondary 236-Winifred Highway) Hilger North (mile post 0 to 11.6) beginning approximately 15 miles north of Lewistown; from Hilger continuing 11.6 miles north. Project is COMPLETE.  *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322

C-236 (Secondary 236-Winifred Highway) Winifred South (mile post 11.6 to 23.1) beginning approximately 11 miles north of Hilger and continuing north for 11.5 miles to Winifred - Project is COMPLETE. *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322

C-57 (US 87 / MT 200) - Hobson East (mile post 57.8 to 62.7) from one mile west of Hobson continuing east for approximately 5 miles project is COMPLETE.      *PM Kyle Dubbs 538-1322


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