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Monday, Aug. 14

Listen to "KXLO LIVE MONDAY AUGUST 14TH" on Spreaker.

Tuesday, Aug. 15

Listen to "KXLO LIVE TUESDAY AUGUST 15" on Spreaker.

Wednesday, Aug. 16

Listen to "KXLO LIVE WED AUGUST 16TH" on Spreaker.


Fred Lark, Show's creator

Fred is KXLO/KLCM Radio's owner and proud President.  He also is a KXLO-Live fill-in host. Fred created KXLO-Live for the Central Montana Community several years ago.  Back in the day, Fred was one of the main hosts for the award winning show, however now he sits back, filling in when needed, to allow the other on-air personalities their share of the show.




Ken Bergren, Tuesdays/Thursdays 10:05am-11:00am

Ken Bergren is our steadfast, Jack-of-all-Trades, on-air personality.  He has been with KXLO for several years and not only is the creator of our Morning Shows, but also is a KXLO-Live Host, the backup Traffic programmer, and programs the music you hear when tuned into our stations.




Phyllis Hall, Mondays 10:05am-11:00am

Phyllis, our General Manager, also manages the KXLO/KLCM Office and our Traffic department.  She is a KXLO-Live host, and around the station is known as our "Paperwork Guru".

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