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It's time for landowners to enroll in the state-sponsored "Open Fields for Game Bird Hunters."

The voluntary program, offered through Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program, is available to private landowners who have a minimum of two years left on their federal Conservation Reserve Program contract or are enrolling new lands into CRP.  Over 81,000 acres have been enrolled in Open Fields since 2012.

While this winter so far has given Montana plenty of snow and cold, the weather in March and April will determine to a large extent the mortality of animals like deer and antelope in northcentral Montana.

That’s because during the next two months deer and antelope will rely on their energy reserves to survive, waiting for the growing season to begin.

Nearly $400,000 in funding was approved recently by the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commission for 16 projects to improve Montana fisheries.

The Commission approved the Future Fisheries Improvement Program (FFIP) projects submitted for the winter funding cycle in areas across Montana, including eleven that are west and six that are east of the Continental Divide.

Class A Boys 2018

All-Conference – All-State

2018 State Class A Boys Basketball Tournament bracket

Whoever loves snow and cold, like we’ve had this month, please raise your hand.

Okay, you in the back. You may lower your hand now.

A survey of Montana residents is currently being conducted by researchers at Colorado State University to better understand public opinions about fish and wildlife management. The survey is part of a national effort sponsored by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. 

During the next couple of months, researchers will be contacting randomly selected Montana residents by mail and requesting that they complete a short survey. While Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is not conducting this research directly, we strongly encourage residents who receive the survey to respond.

What is an NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) ?  Why is it important to receive the training and become a certified NRA RSO?

The NRA certified Range Safety Officer is charged with providing assistance to the Range Officer in and at a shooting event.  The RSO will provide a safe environment for the shooting event and monitor and supervise safety on the shooting line.  The RSO does not usually participate in running an event but provides focus on safety of all participants in the event.  Many events where there is more than one shooting venue, require multiple RSO’s assistance.

Three things are guaranteed in Montana: Death, taxes and game damage hunts in the winter. And not always in that order.

The current cold and snowy weather has ranchers concerned and hunters eager. In tough winter conditions mostly deer, but elk, too, often head en masse to the nearest haystack for a bite to eat.