Golden Eagle Invitational Track and Field Meet

Montana game wardens on Wednesday captured a pair of orphaned black bear cubs near Rogers Pass on the Rocky Mountain Front.

The cubs became orphaned the day before when their mother was hit and killed by a pickup truck just east of Rogers Pass on Highway 200.

Grizzly and black bears are emerging from dens, based on radio collar locations, track reports, and observations.  Biologists say that males tend to emerge earlier than females; with the warming weather and increasing day length, more bears will be emerging in the coming weeks.  As grizzly and black bears emerge, they will be moving to lower elevations to take advantage of the green-up of vegetation.

After a bear emerges, it takes a few weeks for its digestive system to get back to normal; the bear has been in the den for 4-5 months without eating, defecating, or urinating; the stomach and digestive system is empty so the bear starts out eating dry grass or roughage to activate the digestive system.  Bears will be attracted to anything that smells like food.

Bus Actiity Schedule

Tues. SB jv/v arrive at Stewart Park in Billings by 1:30 pm
4/11 Load - 11:00 am Leave - 11:15 am

CM Rifle Club results match 12

CM Rifle Club results match #10