What is an NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) ?  Why is it important to receive the training and become a certified NRA RSO?

The NRA certified Range Safety Officer is charged with providing assistance to the Range Officer in and at a shooting event.  The RSO will provide a safe environment for the shooting event and monitor and supervise safety on the shooting line.  The RSO does not usually participate in running an event but provides focus on safety of all participants in the event.  Many events where there is more than one shooting venue, require multiple RSO’s assistance.

 It is critically important that CMSC has an adequate number of RSO’s available for an event so each event in a multiple venue event is covered by at least one NRA Certified RSO.  CMSC gets great compliments and rave reviews throughout the year on their events but needs more RSO available to serve so no one RSO is overworked.

We have made arrangements with one of our club members who is a Chief Range Safety Officer (credentialed to train RSO’s) together with several other Club NRA Certified Trainers to offer a Spring 2018 class.  The class will be on Saturday, April 28th from 9 am to around 6 pm.  These will be held in the training room of the Fergus County Sheriff’s building.  Fergus County Sheriff Office Meeting Rm, 121 - 8th Avenue South, Lewistown, MT.  The unique aspect to this event is that the Club will offer the class for a nominal $35 providing that CMSC members, who are class participants, will pledge to work 5 CMSC shooting events in the next 12 months (this covers the cost of the materials).  It the event a participant is not a SMSC members or is unable to pledge to work 5 CMSC events – the cost of the RSO Training will be $50.  This course is open to the general public.

Please register at the link below as soon as possible to allow the Team to have the proper training materials available for each student.  Deadline for registration is April 24th but early provides a seat guarantee.  This course does not require any live fire and will be conducted in-doors.   Please bring a lunch as the Team will be working through lunch with a short break.   The Class is limited to 20 students so please register as soon as possible.

Summary Note:  The CMSC needs many more certified RSO’s to help with upcoming shooting events.   Please consider taking the time to become certified and help make this the best and SAFEST Shooting Complex in Montana.

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