Summer camps for kids is a top priority for the Lewistown Art Center.

Leah Grunzke and Mary Callaham Baumstark have plans that include art classes and outdoor opportunities.

The Lewistown Public Library is pleased to announce Christine Carbo as the author speaker for the 2017 Annual Author Dinner. Carbo is a suspense author writing with Montana as the setting.  Her debut novel, The Wild Inside, is an award-winning haunting crime novel set in Glacier National Park about a man who finds himself at odds with the dark heart of the wild—and the even darker heart of human nature. Publisher’s Weekly says “Evocative debut….Carbo paints a moving picture of complex, flawed people fighting to make their way in a wilderness where little is black or white.”  Her second novel, Mortal Fall, also takes place in Glacier Park where a wildlife biologist’s shocking death leads to chilling discoveries about a home for troubled teens. The New York Journal of Books writes, “Carbo doesn’t do superficial. She gives her characters weight. And like her debut, Mortal Fall provides a story with dual tracks—the investigation into murder and the rugged journey of the soul.”

A coroner’s jury determined Thursday, April 06, 2017, that the death of an inmate at the Fergus County Detention Facility did not result from criminal means.

Terry Randal Cox II, 36, was found dead in his jail cell in Lewistown on July 22, 2016. In an inquest presided over by Fergus County Coroner Richard Brown, the seven-person jury held that Cox’s death was not caused by a criminal act.

BOZEMAN – A newly discovered tyrannosaur species with a mask of flat scales and armor-like patches covering its face roamed the earth 75 million years ago, feasting on duckbilled hadrosaurs, dome-headed pachycephalosaurs and smaller carnivores, according to a team of scientists that includes Montana State University paleontologist David Varricchio

The new species, Daspletosaurus horneri, which means “Horner’s Frightful Lizard," is named after renowned former MSU paleontologist and Museum of the Rockies curator Jack Horner, said Varricchio, an associate professor of paleontology in the College of Letters and Science. Varricchio said he suggested the name in honor of Horner’s many dinosaur fossil discoveries and the mentorship he provided to up-and-coming paleontologists that launched them in their careers, including his own. 

As efforts to revive Senate Bill 305 failed Friday, Montana's elections administrators turned their attention to the forthcoming special election on May 25.  

SB 305, introduced by Sen. Steve Fitzpatrick (R-Great Falls) would have given Montana counties the option to hold a mail-only election to replace Rep Ryan Zinke. Despite the support of nearly all of Montana's 56 counties and successful passage through the Montana Senate, SB 305 was tabled in the House Judiciary committee Wednesday.  An effort to "blast" the bill out of committee and on to the House floor was unsuccessful Friday afternoon. 

Cheri Kilby with Disaster and Emergency Services (DES) discusses CODE RED as a way to inform central Montana

DEER LODGE Montana State Prison warden Leroy Kirkegard today announced that inmate visitation will be temporarily reduced from four to two days a week while the prison addresses operational issues.

To allow staff to be reassigned to higher priority security posts, Kirkegard said that Montana State Prison is canceling inmate visitation on Thursdays and Fridays beginning April 6, 2017, and will continue until further notice. Beginning the first week of April, MSP will be open for inmate visitation only on Saturdays and Sundays. Saturdays will be open for all visitors including children, while Sundays will be limited to adult visiting only.

Smiles, information, and a friendly attitude are instrumental in dealing with the public.  Laura Lee Ullrich will build on friendly service at two seminars in Lewistown on Tuesday, March 21.