While Governor Gianforte has announced to lift the State Mask Mandate on Friday, February 12th, the Lewistown Public Schools would like to make it very clear that masks will still be required in all LPS buildings and at all school events. This decision is made in accordance with the most recent Montana Department of Health and Human Services contact tracing and quarantining guidelines specific to public schools: 

If both the infected person and the close contact(s) were  wearing a mask AT ALL TIMES during the exposure period, asymptomatic close contact(s) would be  exempt from home quarantine and would be allowed to participate in school with the following restrictions:

o Activities requiring removing masks should only be done when any person identified as a contact can socially distance themselves appropriately.

LPS believes the mask mandate has proven to be an effective tool in mitigating the virus in our schools, protects the health of our staff and students and will enable us to provide as much in-person direct instruction as possible with fewer quarantines during the pandemic. Therefore, to be very clear, LPS will continue the practice of requiring masks to be worn in our school buildings and at all school events.  LPS would like to thank you for your cooperation on this matter.


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